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Shannon Kelsey Teaching Portfolio
Memories of a Time-Tested Student

How could we forgot THOSE tests!?

 As a student in elementary, middle or high school in Florida, we all become a little too familiar with the FCAT tests. FCAT's were a state wide standardized test that you were required to take and had to pass to move on to the next grade level, as well as to graduate. During the FCAT's most of the  teachers were very helpful to the students, since they were as anxious for us to pass as we were! The teachers made sure we had all the materials we would need to complete the test, and made sure we understood the time limits and rules for taking the tests/sections. An early memory from taking a "big deal" test is not only what I have already mentioned but I also remember being very nervous and stressed out about this test, and I was very ready to get it done and over with. I also remember teachers making a big deal about the number two pencils, and opening the different books at the right time, as well as "not going on to other chapters until you are told so". Some teachers I had would try their best to answer a question without really answering it, they would hint at something that was supposed to trigger a memory in my mind, but never actually tell me the answer since that was not allowed. These teachers were very helpful to me during the tests. It always annoyed and distracted me when during the last five or ten minutes of a test, the teacher felt the need to count down the minutes to the class out loud, this was a huge distraction to me during tests.

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