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Shannon Kelsey Teaching Portfolio
Self-fufilling Prophecy

Shannon Kelsey (1988-Present) Shannon followed in the footsteps of her older sister, and after graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University, went on to become an elementary school teacher. After teaching for five years, Shannon began to grow tired of not being able to teach her students important things because she was too busy preparing them for the FCAT’s. She never had any class time left over to teach her students what she thought was important and they should know and this irritated her.  She came to the conclusion that it was not fair to her students to have all that pressure of the FCAT’s on their shoulders. The students were so busy worrying if they would pass the FCAT and go on to the next grade level that they could not focus on anything else. She also believed it was not fair to her and the rest of the teachers for having to teach what they believed were not as crucial material as some of the other things students should have been learning. So Shannon gathered up all her coworkers and teachers from other Florida school districts and they went to the school board protesting the FCAT and demanding that the testing be discontinued. The school board literally laughed at them and said that it would not be done. Shannon was not discouraged though, she kept going back to speak with the school board, each time with more and more supporters. Finally, the school boards went to the state government and asked them if it was possible to get rid of the FCAT’s. It took many years for it to be pushed into action, but thanks to Shannon’s perseverance and hard work, the FCAT tests were finally put to rest. The students now just had to take a few smaller tests to prove that they learned what they should have, but these tests were no where as big or important to being promoted as the FCAT tests were.

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