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Shannon Kelsey Teaching Portfolio


I'm one of those people who knew all along what they wanted to be when they "grew up"- a teacher. As a little girl I played  "school", of course I was the teacher and my friends or dolls were my students. It was up until currently, only a little girls dream. In high school I started going to Edison Community College during my senior year, it was here that I became very motivated to get through school and become a teacher as fast as possible! I have always loved children and being a leader, both critical to becoming an elementary school teacher. I plan on teaching kindergarden or first grade. Everybody always asks why I would want to teach? I then ask them "who was your first grade teacher?" And they always remember, I then ask them "who was your sixth grade math teacher?", and nobody can ever remember. That is exactly why I want to teach younger children, you leave an impression on them forever, and they will always remember you. After I graduate from Edison College I plan on transfering to FGCU, and after that I will hopefully be teaching a classroom of wild, excited first graders!

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